Koan Hanare KyotoMesmerizing Dinner with Maiko & Geisha

Honeyacho 150-2 2nd floor, Nakagyo Ku, Kyoto


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Koan Hanare is a Japanese style restaurant that organizes dinner with maiko and geiko(geisha).

This is a culture-related dinner experience that starts at 6 PM regularly on Sunday, Tuesday, and Friday. A reservation is required and walk ins are not accepted. The contents are Japanese dances by a maiko or a geiko(geisha), playing a banquet game with her, and an interactive time in the Q&A session and the table round. At the end of the show you will have a photo shooting session, which will make your dinner unforgettable!

The food is a Japanese traditional set menu called "Kaiseki" and all-you-can-drink including sake(Japanese rice wine).The price is JPY 22,000 (about USD 200) and no extra charge at the table.

Our policy with this dining experience is "traveler-friendly(especially spontaneous travelers)" so we accept bookings until 4PM on the show day, which means you can decide to join it today! We limit the number of people to 20 to keep the experience "tangible." Maiko and Geiko(Geisha) are less likely to speak English, but whole the contents is explained in English by a professional travel guide certified with Kyoto city. All you have to do is make a reservation and come to the restaurant.

By the way, even Japanese people would have difficulty getting an opportunity to share time with maiko-san, since Kyoto culture, especially restaurants which provide Maiko dinner, values a long-term relationship of trust and you need an introduction letter for them. We have now realized this service and made it accessible for everyone, but it is not touristic at all.

Immerse in the mesmerizing time with maiko and the world of the Japanese culture.


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