Koan Hanare KyotoMesmerizing Dinner with Maiko & Geisha

Honeyacho 150-2 2nd floor, Nakagyo Ku, Kyoto


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Koan Hanare is a Japanese style restaurant that organizes dinner with maiko and geiko(geisha).

The word “Geisha” has been spreading worldwide recently. Also, it is something that should be part of your itinerary if you ever travel to Japan, right? We provide information about “What it is” and “How you can approach and enjoy it”, everything about Maiko/Geiko(Geisha) culture in Kyoto: background knowledge, shows and dinner experience.

Specifically, our dinner experience named “Mesmerizing Dinner with Maiko/Geisha” is a culture-related dinner experience. Our policy with it is thoroughly ”traveler-friendly”. The facilitator is a Kyoto City Official Guide and everything is clearly explained in English. Even if you are interested in “Geisha” or “Maiko” but know little about it, you will fully enjoy it. It is culturally informative experience. Also, we limit the number of guests to 20 to keep the experience "tangible" and we would like you to directly talk to the Maiko-san. It is regularly held on Sunday, Tuesday, and Friday with some additional dates. It starts 6 PM, and last-minute bookings are welcome until 4PM on the show day, which means you could join today’s dinner! Details are available on the service page.

We started this dinner experience in the summer of 2019, and we are glad to welcome more and more people to make their own unforgettable experience! Indeed, even Japanese people would have difficulty getting an opportunity to share time with a maiko-san, because Kyoto culture, especially restaurants which provide Maiko dinner, has valued a long-term relationship of trust and you need an introduction for them. However, we have realized this service and made it accessible for everyone. Booking page is here. Immerse in the mesmerizing time with maiko and the world of the Japanese culture.


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