How to Check the Availability

Availability info and contents

The Official twitter account(@koan_hanare) will provide the availability information of the dining experience “Mesmerizing Dinner with Maiko & Geisha.” The service provider is Koan Hanare, which is located at Karasuma Rokkaku, Kyoto(Google maps). The Maiko dining experience starts regularly at 6PM on Sun, Tue and Fri, 3 times a week. The show is 2 hours and ends at 8PM. You can check the details at SERVICE page.

The show venue is a traditional Japanese house called “Machiya” and it accommodates up to 20 guests. The pure Japanese atmosphere helps you experience an even more memorable time watching Maiko’s dance, playing games with her, and tasting an authentic set dining menu of Japanese cuisine and local sake(rice wine).

Detailed process at BOOKING page

You will see the up-to-date day by day availability on BOOKING page. Then click or tap the menu “Maiko Dinner Show.” You will go to “Date & Time” page and choose the “Number of people” on the bottom of the page. You will see the availability with the number. The available days are indicated with circle and choose the date you prefer. Tap or click “Afternoon” and “Your details” button. You will move to “Your details” page. Fill in your name, email address and phone number and push the “Confirm” button. You will go to another “Your details” page and please confirm your booking details. Below them, fill in your credit card information(Visa, Mastercard, JCB, AMEX, Diners are accepted) and check the cancellation policy. Push the “Complete Booking” button and your seats will be reserved. No worry about being charged before push the “Complete Booking.”


Should you have any questions about our service, send us a message at CONTACT page. We also offer a private service with which you can customize the experience as you like such as the service day, starting time, and the number of Maiko. Feel free to contact us!