Mesmerizing Dinner with Maiko & Geisha

This is a 2 hours’ dining experience which starts at 6 PM on Tue, Fri and Sun. You will enjoy an authentic set menu of Japanese cuisine and a mesmerizing time with Maiko in a traditional and atmospheric Japanese wooden building.

You might have attended a boring “dance show” while you look at your watch every 5 minutes. This is not such one! The sophisticated program is conducted by an interpreter certified with Kyoto city, which enables you to immerse in the experience. Time flies while you are enjoying the graceful dances, Q&A sessions, traditional party game and talk with Maiko.

Photos and movies are ALL-YOU-CAN-TAKE, of course. This must be one of your memorable night which your friends must be jealous of!

Service Info.

Service name Mesmerizing Dinner with Maiko & Geisha
Location Honeyacho 150-2 2nd floor, Nakagyo Ku, Kyoto
Opening Hours / Days 18:00 - 20:00 / Tue, Fri, Sun
Inclusions Set Menu of Authentic Japanese Cuisine
Time with Maiko & Geisha (Dances, Q&A and Party Game etc)

Drinks are not included in the basic price and will be paid on site. Beer, Kyoto-related Sake, and Beverages are available.
The dining is on the second floor of a Japanese wooden building. No elevators.
Private customized service can be offered every day. ASK us at the CONTACT page.

  1. Booking and Location

    Make a booking at the BOOKING page. It is accepted until 4 PM on the service day. The location is HERE. It is 5 minutes’ walk from Karasuma(Shijo) station. On the first floor is a restaurant and you will walk through it to get upstairs.

  2. Dinner - Japanese Kaiseki set menu

    As you take the seat, you will have dinner of the Japanese set menu first. It is called “Kaiseki” and related to Zen Buddhism. The word “Kaiseki” means holding warm stones on your stomach to distract hunger during the severe training of the religion. Along down history, Zen is related to the tea ceremony culture and came together with Japanese cuisine. The set menu you will have is provided by the “Oryouri Iden” restaurant. It started in 1907 and has more than 100 years’ history. Varieties of nuanced dishes are realized with the selected ingredients and the provider’s unlimited craftsmanship. You will have different historical Kyoto food made of the best components of the season.
    The set menu consists of:
    Appetizer / Soup / Pickled Seafood / Simmered Vegetables / Grilled Seafood / Steamed food / Rice / Dessert

  3. Maiko Show and Experience

    Now your appetite is satisfied, the Maiko fantasy time will start. The guide will give you a quick explanation about the culture, and she finally appears! After the first dance, today’s Maiko will be introduced, and let’s do a party game with her.

  4. Q&A

    You will enjoy another fantastic dance. After that, you will have knowledge about the colorful kimono clothes and Maiko’s everyday life. The more you learn, the more you will be eager to learn. You can ask her questions at the Q&A session, and she will answer you with a warm and welcoming smile.

  5. Commemorative photo

    While you feel friendly with Maiko-san and start to feel missing tonight’s experience, the last dance will be performed. Now you can proudly say you have experienced a real Kyoto. To finish the experience, you will have a photo session with Maiko-san and have another opportunity to talk. You can retake photos until you get the best shot of the night!